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The feeling of eating inside the NBAcourt 

So my friend and i went to this cafe called #nbacafe.. though we both not a basketball fan, we got intrigue because my cousin always talking about  it. 

So as we walk in we are welcomed by a staff and told about this cafe.

 so here is the inside…

As you go upstairs you will see the different unforms of the teams. like i said im not a fan but i like it…


I like how The ambiance inside gives you the feeling like your inside the court. The floor actually look like a real basketball court.  nice right???

There just a few costomer when we walk in thats why we got acomodated easilly.

So order this BLUE HAWAII which cost 8.95€ 

And my friend order this TEQUILA SUNRICE which cost 8.50€

And also we order this nachos ant tacos which is worth the price. One order is already good for the both of us but you know thats what happen when you enter in a reastaurant whith a hungry stomach .. 

Above all the expirience is so nice the staffs are so accommodating, the food are so deliciouse the price are so reasonable and hey you got the feeling of eating inside the #nba court which is i know basketball fans will love. 

So if your visiting #barcelona and your an #NBAfan. i know you dont wanna miss this place 

La Rambla, 120, 08002 Barcelona


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